I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University. My general philosophical interests are in the philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology, and the philosophy of science. The principal goal of my research is to construct a philosophically and empirically plausible account of social cognition. I also have research interests in imagination, pretense, and action theory. I recently published a book on social cognition called How We Understand Others: Philosophy and Social Cognition.

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Given how interdisciplinary my research is, I think a lot about the relationship between philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. I have given several talks on this topic recently in which I argue that there can be a happy marriage between philosophy and science in general. See the video above for a short public lecture on this topic.

My primary area of research is social cognition, the capacity to understand and interact with other agents. I discuss the development of social cognition, the role of mental representations in our interactions, how stereotypes and biases influence social cognition, and what happens when we misunderstand others. See the video above for a public lecture on these topics.